4. Solver setup

This document is written assuming a Docker container installation. However, you can easily adapt the content to other types of Linux-based installations.

4.1. GPLK

GLPK should be directly available from the requirements.

4.2. CPLEX

You will need to first install CPLEX on a Linux machine.

Place in etfl/docker/solvers/ the folder /ibm that is installed by CPLEX (usually in /opt). You actually only need the following substructure (makes the container lighter):


4.3. Gurobi

Place in etfl/docker/solvers/ the tarball you downloaded from the website, and modify accordingly the files:


Make sure you change the paths and filenames to reflect the actual version of Gurobi you are running.

Gurobi needs a floating license for Docker instances, (see http://www.gurobi.com/documentation/7.5/quickstart_windows/setting_up_and_using_a_flo.html#subsection:tokenserver) Once your system administrator set it up, you will need to add your gurobi license server to ../utils/gurobi.lic.template, and rename it to gurobi.lic